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Welcome to our “For SALE” page.

We have a number of very well bred horses available for sale, all our horses are PSSM1, HYPP, HERDA, GBED, and MH negative by testing or parentage. They are well handled from foals to be soft, willing, people friendly horses,  lead, tie up, have their feet handled, and load on and off the float safely.  We do allow payment plans on our sale horses with a 20% non refundable deposit, and a sale contract signed. We have listed below horses we currently have available to purchase, we also have a facebook page where you can find our most current photos and information on a daily basis.

All Horses are located on King Island unless otherwise stated. Transport to Melb and Devonport available weekly, costs start at $300 to Devonport. and $660 to Melbourne.

All horses  are sold registered or with paperwork to be registered some can be dual registered. All horses are in Excellent condition, Feet, worming upto date. Well handled to lead, tie, float, wash, pick up feet.

ALL HORSES ARE PSSM1, HYPP, HERDA, GBED, MH Tested negative or negative by parentage..

Updated Sales list coming soon. Broodmares, Mares In Foal, Yearlings, Two year olds and Three Year olds, plus some stud colts and broken in horses.

Below Is some of our current horses available for sale: Please email us for photos and or videos.

Photos of some of the horses listed below can be seen here

Ashgrove Performance Horse Stud offers for Sale for 2016:

Ridden horses:

1. Ashgrove Seekin The Bar

chestnut colt, blaze.
AQHA Q-78665 –

DOB: 21/10/2013
mature: 15.2hh
Dam: Isana Shiver (Duel registered AQHA/ASH)
Sire: Hez Juz Seekin T Be Cool (AQHA & AmAQHA)

Broken in and going kindly, had six weeks under saddle, quiet easy to handle colt, basic education ready to go on and begin career in chosen discpline. Can be gelded if required. Well handled, he leads, ties, self loads on float, ties up solid. hobble trained, lunges, good to trim feet, had one set of shoes on without fuss. Currently in work. 5 panel negative for hypp, herda, pssm1, gbed, mh.
PRICE: $6500

2. Ashgrove Shout the Bar
liver chestnut gelding, star.

AQHA: Q-78705 –

DOB: August 31st 2013.
Mature: 15.2hh

Dam: Quadrant Shesa Kings Bar (by Hill King Bars who was by Hill King Pistol)
Sire: Hez Juz Seekin T Be Cool (by Ima Cool Seeker imp/USA)

Big strong solid young gelding, hes smart and athletic, and very fast. Very friendly quiet young gelding who greets you at the gate and likes to be your mate. “Bundy” has had five rides under saddle and his education is continuing each week, hes a lively young horse and has a great work ethic, hes soft and responsive to leg and mouth aids. Would excel as a barrel racing or roping horse. Currently In Work.

PRICE: $5500

3. Ashgrove Cool Dawn
chestnut filly, blaze, two socks.

AQHA: A1-11199 –

DOB: 21/10/13
Dam: Serene Dawn (ASB TB)
Sire Hez juz Seekin T Be Cool (AQHA)

Tall beautifully boned and muscled filly, she will reach every bit of 16.2 PLUS hh, beautiful nature, easy to catch, lead, trim feet, tie, self loads and floats well, very quiet and laid back. This filly is being started under saddle currently and sells broken in. She is a pleasure to do anything with and has beautiful movement to make a lovely hunter or show hack. “Trouble” is a very kind quiet young mare with a big future under saddle.


Black studbook ASH filly

DOB: 4/8/2013
ASHS: 232471 –

mature 14.3/15hh
Dam: Benbraggie Susie Wong (Novice Winning Mare)
Sire: Sheady Acfres (Open Winning Stallion by Acres Destiny)

Elegant smart filly who has had twenty odd rides now under saddle, sensitive to leg aids and lovely soft light mouth, this filly is quiet but very responsive and would make a fantastic challenge prospect. She is good to catch, shoe, float, and do anything with. This filly has all the makings to be a top class challenge horse, she works naturally off her hind end, moves light as a cat and is smart and alert but calm, she moves out nice and travels naturally low headed. lovely stop on her, not yet started on cattle but Very well bred for campdrafting, this filly was intended to keep, but we simply have too many to campaign. currently shod and in work, this is not a filly to be missed. five panel negative for hypp, herda, gbed, pssm1 and mh.


5. O To B Cool
– AQHA Q-71226 also eligible for AmAQHA registration.
2010 Chestnut Mare flaxen mane and tail

mature 15.2 hh

SIRE : Hez Juz Seekin T Be Cool
DAM : Magnums Cupie Doll

5 panel tested Negative.
Purebred registered AQHA mare.
6 years old
Five panel negative.

Sire: Hez Jus Seekin T Be Cool (multi state and national champion and by a world champion Ima Cool Seeker)

Dam: magnums Cupie Doll (magnum force )

Ruby is a very quiet young mare suitable to confident intermediate riders, she’s had miles of work under saddle trail riding, mustering, beach, and has a nice established dry work, for roll backs, side pass, stops, circles, beginning shoulder ins, reverse arcs and natural arcs.

Soft snaffle mouth only ever ridden in a snaffle bit or halter.
Quiet and excellent to catch, rug, saddle, trim feet, halter, self loads on float, not a dominant mare in paddock just goes with the flow. Is currently shod and can be left months without rising then saddle up and go ride. Has never bucked worst she does is a ahead shake and pathetic little kick up where her bum doesn’t even leave the ground if she’s super fresh.

Good to shoe however Has at times played up (leaning on farrier) on near side hind foot. Not sure why as she’s never been pricked or had a bad experience.

Ruby is trained to hobbles, and you can throw ropes round her feet or anywhere else or bags or whatever all day and she doesn’t care. Has had riders as young as six ride her and came back to their level and plodded along.

Ruby would excel at hunter under saddle, barrel racing or pony club she’s athletic and free jumps upto 1.3 metres in the paddock, she would love to jump though we’ve only played around with s few poles here and there as not our forte. She very much enjoys cattle work and would make a nice drafting mare.

Ruby had an outstanding black Colt foal as a four year old (Ashgrove Stormy Acres) who was sold (for $5500) and is a stud Colt now in Tasmania.

Ruby has attended a couple of pony club days and local show winning led hack classes and just getting used to the atmosphere of the show world, other than that she’s not been shown.

Ruby would suit a variety of disciplines including barrel racing, Campdrafting, pony club, adult riders and much more. An honest well started mare with a good education and no dirt.

Video taken this week on her third ride in ten days after coming off a spell since April.

Ruby Mud fat and very easy keeper.
Correct and sound with no blemishes
Vet checks welcome and short payments plans may be considered.

More photos and videos can be seen on our stud page or our website including her progeny in 2014 foals on website.


two year olds:

1. Ashgrove Spin N Acre
Dual Register-able AQHA and ASH

Brown colt no white.
DOB 25.11.14
Mature 14.3/15hh

Sire : Royalle Imprint (
Dam: Hollywood spin n sparkle (

well handled. Weaned, quiet, will be registered AQHA. can also be registered 1st cross ASH if gelded.
can geld if required. “Hawk” is a well grown and well handled young colt purpose bred to challenge, draft or cut. He is quick and smart and sensitive. Very fast on his feet and naturally uses his hind end, loves chasing the cattle around the paddock free range! Hawk would suit someone wanting to challenge, cut or draft, he is going to mature a very solid horse at around 15hh. Hawk leads, hard ties, self loads on float, quiet to trim feet, has been rugged and clipped as a baby. Hawk will be registered AQHA prior to sale and can also be dual registered 1st x with Australian Stock horse if gelded. Lovely type, with a good length of rein and is 5 panel negative for hypp, herda, gbed, mh and pssm1.

PRICE: $3500

2. Ashgrove Rendition
chestnut colt, blaze two socks

AQHA Dual ASH colt/gelding
DOB 1.10.14
expected to mature 15-15.1hh

Sire Royalle Imprint (

Dam Chats Susie Q AQHA mare by Docs Donovan ( By Docs Boab)

Rendition is eligible for dual registration as a gelding with the AQHA and ASHS, will be registered AQHA prior to sale. Very quiet extremely easy to please young horse, this colt has a temperament to die for. Eager to please, soft natured and kind, he is very friendly and a pleasure to handle. Extensively handled he leads, hard ties, self loads on float, hobble trained, has been clipped and rugged as a weaner. “Buddy” is a young horse who is naturally calm but soft and responsive. He was purpose bred for challenging and campdrafting and would suit this very well. A lovely young horse in every way. negative for hypp, herda, gbed, mh and pssm1.

Price: $4400


2. Ashover Gunman – ASH bay COLT

Blood bay colt, star stripe and snip, two hind socks.
mature 15.2/15.3 hh
Dob 28.9.15

Dam Before Midnight
Sire Penta Archie HSH (

Tall leggy colt, very pretty headed and very good front and wither on him.
will be gelded and registered ASH as studbook. very elegant colt would suit the show ring hes got lovely movement and nice eye appeal. would also suit campdrafting. Gunman is well handled, he leads, hard ties, has feet picked up and trimmed, loads on float, and is comfortable with being touched and handled. will be rugged, branded, and registered at weaning.

Price: $3300 –

4. Ashgrove Dualin Guns –
Palomino AQHA book QH colt

Dob 1.10.15

Dam: Smart Showgirl (AQHA)
Sire: Dualin Pepto (AQHA)

5 panel negative by parentage.

Outstanding stud colt bred to do cutting, draft or challenge. this is one very special colt, who we are quite prepared to keep ourselves as we think hes one of the nicest colts weve produced to date. This colt is superbly bred and his conformation is spot on, he will be well over 15hh (expected to mature 15.2hh) at full grown and has excellent muscle, a lovely length of rein, straight correct legs, short back big hip, and excellent bone and feet. “Zarrin” whose name means “made of gold” is an outstanding performance horse and stud colt prospect that will not disappoint. Will only be sold to an approved performance home, and we would like to retain a breeding share in this colt.

Price: $8800 (not neg).

5. Ashgrove Remington – Liver Chestnut Colt

Dark Liver Chestnut QH colt
will be appendix registered AQHA after weaning.
Dob: 14.10.14

Dam: Roxy By Choice
Sire: Dualin Pepto

make a unreal show or campdraft horse, beautiful calm colt with very long legs, expected to mature 15.2plus. very correct and straight, this colt is incredibly athletic and can really move! He is a dark chocolate liver chestnut, and with his flashy white markings will stand out in any arena! Remi is a very calm friendly well handled young horse, he floats, leads, ties, is easy to handle and a joy to do anything with. Remi has beautiful expressive movement and would also suit the hack and hunter show rings, but is bred to cut and draft and challenge and has all the sense and athleticism to do this with ease and look stunning doing it! This is a lovely colt who will excel in the right hands, one of my favorites this season. can be gelded.


6. Ashover Dark Guns – Black Stud book Stock Horse Colt

Black studbook ASH colt
Dob 21.10.15

Dam Bonnie Heather
Sire Penta Archie HSH

Stud colt $8800
Gelded $5500

5 panel negative by parentage.

possibly homozygeous black! can be tested for buyer (will never produce a chestnut foal).
this is a tall leggy elegant colt who will mature close to 16 hh if not higher, a quiet, easy to handle sensible young horse, he ties, leads, has feet handled and trimmed, is pleasant and smart to handle. Will be sold registered ASH and branded. This is the only black colt this sire has produced and he has been bred to draft and challenge. He has a long athletic walk on him with a huge stride. As with all our young horses, he will be sold very well handled to hard tie, self load on float, be rugged, washed, have feet trimmed, lead and be touched and handled all over.

$8000 as colt
$5500 as a gelding

7. Ashgrove Centrefire – Bay studbook AQHA Colt

Ashgrove Centrefire
Bay aqha stud colt
Dob 21.10.15

Dam Isana Shiver (dual aqha/ ASH)
Sire Dualin Pepto

Five panel negative by parentage.

Terms available until weaned. Will be registered with AQHA at weaning and branded. this is a stout colt with a calm tractable nature and ability to burn, he can move like a cat, is very naturally athletic, fast and uses his hind end, lopes around naturally collected up and loves to do big stops and spins playing in the paddock. this colt is born and bred to rein and challenge and work a cow, he is the perfect mix of athletic and calm minded, intelligent and tractable. he is beautifully put together, solid muscled colt, and has a pretty dishy little head. straight legs and is just a lovely little horse. This colts pedigree is full of champion performance horses in campdrafting, challenging, barrel racing, and western performance. He is bred to work and he will look very stylish doing it! Would love to see this horse go on and challenge or rein. Serious prospect for the under five stock-mans challenge events. Well handled, and sells registered with AQHA.

For Sale $5500 as a colt or gelding.

8. Ashgrove carbine – Palomino Colt (AQHA)
Ashgrove Carbine

Palomino AQHA Colt

Born 21.20.15

Sire: Dualin Pepto
Dam: Chats Suzie Q

Five panel negative by parentage.

For sale terms available till weaned. Will be registered with AQHA at weaning. Super quiet naturally friendly colt. will mature around 15.1 -15.2hh. Very quiet tractable sweet little horse, all this mares foals have had superb temperaments, this fella would make one heck of a nice best mate for someone. He just wants to please you and enjoys being around people. this colt is bred to draft, but would also barrel race or do a variety of other disciplines, his family is very much the excellent all rounder. very honest kind young horse, he is very well put together, and will be a solid type when mature. Well handled, he will be registered with AQHA and branded after weaning.

$5500 as a colt
$3300 as a gelding.

all our horses are wormed and vaccinated regularly, have their feet attended too every six weeks, are very well handled, quiet and tractable. Our young horses are all educated to lead, hard tie, self load on floats, rug, are branded and clipped prior to sale. Photos and videos available on all horses for sale. All our horses are tested free or are free by parentage of HYPP, HERDA, GBED, MH, PSSM1, and unless otherwise noted, OLWS. payment plans available on signed sale contract to approved persons.

please contact us for more information on any of these horses. please note updated photos to come on ridden horses, videos available.

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