LNJ Easy Lookin Cash



Introducing a very special colt to our stud who I simply can’t keep to myself any longer! Thou I’ve done an excellent job of keeping him to myself this past five months I think it’s time to reveal him to the world! Introducing:

“LNJ Easy Lookin  Cash”

Paint registered  Colt fully performance bred!!


Sire: Lookin Treasured (imp/USA)

Dam:  KP Curli Sioux

Tested Negative PSSM1, GBED, HYPP, HERDA, MH

10 months old below.





Colour tested Sabino, Overo and Tobiano!!!

his colour results so far are as follows, ee AA nSB nT nO


so he is chestnut, homozygous Agouti, carrying Sabino, Tobiano and Overo, as yet untested for Splash 😀 but this will be done in the near future.  This particular colour combination means that Mighty will 100% of the time pass on a colour gene to his progeny, the sabino and the Tobiano gene sit on the same KIT gene, meaning one of these must always be passed to his progeny, in addition all foals stand a 50% chance of also having the Overo gene.  We will be testing this colt for both the dominant white gene and the Splash Genes in the near future.


Mighty Is a 2014 PHAA colt by the imported performance sire Lookin Treasured, (photos below)

10933989_10152565359271479_8419741420344534609_n  10930528_10152565359306479_475192793543266213_n 10929934_10152565359366479_2571112762963509333_n

and From KP Curlie Sioux who is a granddaughter of Peppys Painted Bandit and Spin Off (by Docs Spinifex).  (photos of Sioux with Mighty below)



1277996_814213691932409_5577910219420298656_o 1277996_814213695265742_9110256483561608438_o 10615415_801955246491587_1102309003520404216_n 10592976_801955183158260_5959264002054319003_n 10678643_814966058523839_349655978787503401_n


This colt is genetically chestnut and homozygous for agouti. He also is heterozygous for Sabino, Overo and Tobiano. This means he will pass on a colour gene 100% to his foals.

Mighty is five panel tested negative.

He will be aimed for a big career in challenging, Campdrafting and reining. We expect him to mature 15.2 plus hh. He boasts an outstanding performance pedigree on both top and bottom being bred for Speed, Cow, and athletic ability on both sides, we are expecting big things from this colt under saddle, and eagerly await him being old enough to start.

Our thanks to Karen Theile for breeding and selling us this gorgeous colt, looking forward to his arrival in the coming weeks once his weaning is complete.

He will be used in 2016 over a selected group of our own mares, at this time he will not be available at stud to the public.

10805594_849203125100132_7973175679253018895_n 10646699_801955266491585_2280074404486763554_n 10639684_805115479508897_327768859965721027_n 10636088_813222102031568_603177380294425800_n 10620591_813222045364907_6590244022608998853_n 10615415_801955246491587_1102309003520404216_n 10550920_808929015794210_3580155262389121863_n 10592976_801955183158260_5959264002054319003_n 10390008_801955273158251_1709826090661170542_n 10421520_813222028698242_6033729733955459678_n 10360776_813222038698241_172250816538115991_n 10350425_10152565357251479_3107964036577937699_n 1800343_888205551199889_4943990055842650946_n 1798617_888205584533219_3129673542925682369_n 1511905_10152565358661479_7467241336381773066_n 7077_806875292666249_6861435504875322378_n 10982444_888205734533204_6504440288192019237_n 10957567_888205494533228_2558122463534068648_n 10940514_10152565357541479_3034055080983856107_n 10940478_10152565359026479_7152667627511589979_n 10891530_10152565357311479_7117251063236197872_n 10915148_10152565358406479_6835458025117096678_n 10917389_10152565358521479_1436741860423145379_n 10922547_10152565358786479_2621986080881563649_n 1800343_888205551199889_4943990055842650946_n 10463880_10152565357446479_7283740328252274056_n 10500529_10152565357586479_5557800825322456940_n





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