Savannah Mighty Smokey

Well I have some super exciting news to share with everyone, introducing Savannah Mighty Smokey, a 2013 Blue Grulla Dun snow cap Appaloosa colt! My mum Valmai Jones of Savannah appaloosa stud bred this beautiful colt, and after much pleading and begging from me, she has decided to let him come live with me!!! Best belated Xmas present ever!!!!!!


Smokey carries the great bloodlines of Mr Jessie James, Mighty Storm Song, Mega Dream and Gay Dee Doc.

Smokys pedigree can be seen here


Sire: Cayuse Mighty Windstorm (AAA)

Dam: Riverdowns Dier as Dreams (AAA)

5 Panel and Colour Tests Pending will be updated soon!


Smokey will be started under saddle in the next few months, and campaigned next year as a stallion in the challenge arenas. I think he’s going to be mighty fine at that too! Both his older sisters have been very successful in the campdraft and challenge arena sporting great minds, calm quiet temperaments, and plenty of cow and athletic ability.


Smokey is the first Appaloosa I have owned in over eight years now, I never thought I’d buy another one after I sold my last, keeping up with so many breed registers was a night mare! So I sold all my appies to concentrate on QHs and Paints, But he was far far too nice to ignore, so here we are!


Smokey will be five panel and colour tested to confirm, but his dam has only ever produced black or blue grulla Duns and his sire is homozygous black, homozygous Appaloosa, and carries dun so I think I’m pretty safe in saying this fella should be homozygous black, Appaloosa, and possibly homozygous DUN! Whoot whoot! Looking forward to this special colts arrival. Thankyou mum love you


Smokey’s Sire Cayuse Mighty Windstorm

A champion at halter and under saddle, producer of successful show and ridden horses in challenges, campdraft, pleasure, and cutting!

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Smokey’s Dam Riverdowns Dier As Dreams (By Mega Dream imp/USA/Dec)

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Some of Smokey’s Full Siblings, all successful under saddle!

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Photos of Smokey as a foal and yearling.10924648_428829050605682_6129360579976206541_n 10906380_428829030605684_7790351255229489830_n 10806381_428828917272362_7665462009658038769_n 10670217_765664510138155_7919039834760978135_n 10178116_428829117272342_1262025790680978371_n 10151984_428828973939023_8884337738061349710_n 1486903_777941092243830_3004529887510458431_n 1467355_603273223043952_2063901732_n 16804_777940712243868_4497881591040633818_n




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